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FSC® Certification

The Forest Stewardship Council® is an international non-governmental organization that promotes environmentally friendly, socially just and economically sustainable forest management worldwide. For more information, please visit www.fsc.org. Only certified printers are allowed to use the logo in their printed products. The processing of FSC paper is controlled in a certified process. DESIGNPRESS GmbH has been an FSC-certified printing company for many years, so please contact us to find out what options are available for your projects. Ask for our FSC®-certified products! Our license number: FSC-C083406


PEFC Certification

With the aim of sustainable forest management in Europe, forest owners and parts of the timber industry have initiated the PEFC process. The European forestry ministers have defined the criteria for the award of the label, which is used more frequently in Austria than in Germany and Switzerland.
Designpress GmbH herewith declares its obligation according to item of the PEFC scheme to implement and maintain, define and document the chain of custody requirements according to the valid PEFC standard. 


CO² neutral production with Klimaprint+

Climate-damaging greenhouse gas emissions are caused every day. The way to work or to shopping by car, the flight to a well-deserved holiday - these CO² emissions can only be saved with difficulty or not at all. Nevertheless, we can still make a contribution to climate protection by supporting recognised climate protection projects to compensate for the CO² emissions. It has been proven that climate protection projects can reduce CO² emissions - any quantities produced are offset elsewhere. It is only important that work is carried out according to government standards and certifications - then you can be sure that you have taken the first step with your contribution. With the help of our CO²-calculator we can calculate the CO²-emissions, which arise from paper production to delivery.

Measures in production

When we print climate-neutrally with Klimaprint+ and certified sustainable paper, we do not stop thinking about our environment and sustainability. Not only the priority use of printing substrates with pulp from demonstrably responsible sources and the latest technology of innovative production aids and materials significantly reduce CO² emissions, but also the modern presses with reduced start-up waste through inline measurement and reduced makeready and washing times make their contribution.

We also focus on alcohol-reduced printing: the isopropanol alcohol in the dampening solution required for technical reasons in offset printing, which is usually up to 10%, has been reduced to 1.5 to 4% by appropriate technologies and fine adjustments. We also rely on the use of varnishes and inks based on renewable raw materials (bio printing inks) and their delivery in drums and large containers, as well as the return of the washing water from the coating units via the same supplier for disposal.

Optimizing energy efficiency by renewing lighting technology and production with green electricity protects our environment. Shipping is not neglected either, as we ship 100 percent climate neutrally with GLS. In addition, transport-related emissions are avoided by a continuous production chain in our own company.

Our waste disposal is carried out by certified, regional disposal companies that operate with short distances, can disposal is only necessary for special colours. In addition, we have waste avoidance as a matter of principle through the central ink supply system.