DESIGNPRESS GmbH ensures maximum quality and brilliant results in the pre-press process through decades of experience with the most demanding, international customers and various state-of-the-art software tools (from HEIDELBERG, Fujifilm, GMG, ADOBE, among others). 

We can cover any need - our services start quasi after the creation and accompany you comfortably up to the printing - from image editing, colour management, colour-compliant proof, up to the complete revision of entire printing projects such as books, catalogues or brochures. We are happy to support you in page layout, editing, image processing, print data creation/clean drawing, print data checking (preflighting manually or using tools such as Enfocus Pitstop) and, of course, we also offer services such as data storage (via database systems) and data logistics (FTP, cloud, VPN or courier services).

The pre-press at DESIGNPRESS stands for absolute perfection in quality & process security as well as for uncomplicated, i.e. "noiseless" and at the same time fast processing for our customers.

PROOFS - do we still need them?

If you attach importance to an optimal printing result and want to sleep peacefully there is still no way around it in our opinion. Because in most graphics departments, proof monitors with hardware calibration are in short supply. Normal monitors do indeed show colours, but only any colours and the viewing angle plays a decisive role. A colour proof also shows colours that the standard monitor can only display inaccurately, but which can be printed.

A colour binding proof according to ISO shows the colour result of the later printed image. As a customer, you can see the later result on the basis of the proof print before it goes into the production run. This offers process reliability both for you as a customer who has seen the proof print and found it to be good, and for the printer who can use it as a basis for colour control.

The proof inkjet printers we use are not normal office printers, but special equipment that has to be calibrated again and again at short intervals. The consistent quality is guaranteed by a media wedge with a subsequently measured test report. In this way it is possible to verify at any time that the proof is correct and within the narrow ISO tolerances.

The loss of time from the design to the printing process is minimal - as a rule, we deliver "next day", often with the enclosed form proof of the print object. The cost factor is negligible in comparison to the costs incurred later in the production process and is much cheaper today than it used to be.

We can provide proofs of almost all available standards & as print PDF - here are the most common types:

  • FOGRA 39 - ISO Coated v2 - the classic standard for coated picture printing papers

  • ISO Coated v2 300% (ECI) - the enhanced image printing standard with optimized depth

  • FOGRA 29L - ISO Uncoated - the classic for uncoated papers with natural whiteness

  • FOGRA 47L - PSO Uncoated ISO12647 (ECI) - 2009 improved for white offset papers

  • FOGRA 30L - ISO Uncoated Yellowish - for yellowish uncoated papers

  • FOGRA 51 - PSO Coated v3 - the current standard for coated image printing papers

  • FOGRA 52 - PSO Uncoated v3 - the current standard for uncoated image printing papers

For picture printing papers, i.e. "coated" profiles, we recommend proof papers in semi-matt, optionally WITHOUT or WITH optical brightening agents (OBA) and for all uncoated profiles, proof papers in matt, also optionally WITHOUT or WITH optical brighteners, i.e. natural or cool whiteness. The printer can simulate colour casts of the papers such as recycled or broken white tones on these materials accordingly.